You may have bought courses in the past, hired freelancers / agencies, or tried to market your business yourself with your own in-house team just to be frustrated with wasted budget and diminishing returns.  

You do not have a revenue problem. You have a strategy problem.

A lot of times you don't know what you don't know and you don't know where to start plugging the holes in your sinking ship.

With this program, you will receive a step by step strategy building process with a consultant that will guide you through every step of the way.  

There are only a few things you need to be profitable.  You need to 

  1. Target the right audience
  2. Make the right offer
  3. Provide an easy way for them to 

What You Will Take Away

  • Target Audience

    You will identify the right audience to target with your marketing. You will know what their needs are, their buying behaviors, and what triggers them to take action.

  • Actionable Analytics

    You will set up proper analytics to see your successes and where to adjust. You will set up KPIs that help your team make smarter marketing decisions.

  • Authoritative Web Presence

    You will set up a web ecosystem across your website, social profiles, landing pages and funnels to lead your customer journey down paths to conversions instead of confusion.

  • Sound Strategy

    You will have a sound strategy that is based on predictive forecast instead of guesswork. Budget, marketing channels and next steps will be mapped out all the way to the point of conversion.

  • Calculated Communication

    You will know what to say and when to say it. You will know which form of communication works best with your audience and speak in a language that engages them.

  • Paths To Profits

    You will have plotted out paths to profits with and understanding of which marketing channels to use and when. You will have a remarketing campaign set up for those who do not make an immediate purchase.

Here Is How We Will Achieve Your Goals

The #1 goal is for you to come away with a profitable marketing strategy that you can implement in a turnkey fashion. We will equip you with the knowledge, resources and confidence to turn your next quarter into your best quarter. Here's how

  • A step by step marketing strategy building process

  • An expert consultant to guide you through the strategy creation

  • Marketing resources to help in the creation and implementation of the strategy

  • A logistic plan to help structure the implementation of your strategy

  • An accountability partner to ensure that you take action

  • A community to mastermind and provide support

Start Your Journey

  • 1

    Welcome to the community!

    • A message from the instructor

    • How to navigate

    • Before we begin

    • Before we begin, let's set expectations

  • 2


    • Introduction

    • Overview

    • The Big Picture

    • Your Strategy Guide

    • Discovery Call

  • 3

    Identify Your Audience

    • Identify Your Audience

    • Demographics

    • Psychographics

    • Do You Know Your Audience

    • Schedule An Identifying Your Audience Accountability Consultation

  • 4

    Develop Your Strategy

    • Develop Your Strategy

    • Goals, Expectations and Expenses

    • Plot Your Path To Profits

    • Retargeting Planning

    • Resources And Steps

    • Strategy Development Accountability Consultation

  • 5

    Finding Your Foundation

    • Finding Your Foundation

    • Do You Have A Foundation

    • Key Components

    • Set Up Online Presence With Social Profiles

    • The Foundation Logistics

    • Resources And Next Steps

    • Web Presence Evaluation

  • 6

    Do You Have Analytics

    • Do You Have Analytics

    • Resources And Next Steps

    • Analytics Consultation

  • 7

    Setting Up Communication

    • Setting Up Communication

    • Ways Of Communication

    • Picking The Right Communication Platform

    • Communicating With Emails

    • Communicating With Chatbots

    • Communicating With Text Messaging

    • Do You Have Communication In Place

    • Your Message

    • Communication Logistics

    • Resources And Next Steps

    • Communication Strategy Consultation

  • 8

    Generating Traffic Walkthrough

    • Traffic Generation Marketology

  • 9

    Paid Search

    • Understanding Paid Search

    • Facebook Ads

    • Adwords Ads

    • Twitter Ads

    • LinkedIn Ads

    • YouTube Ads

    • Other Ad Networks

    • Resources And Next Steps

  • 10

    Organic Search

    • Understanding Organic Search

    • Search Engine Optimization

    • Social Network Optimization

    • Resources And Next Steps

  • 11

    Traffic Generation Consultation

    • Traffic Generation Consultation

  • 12

    Optimizing Conversions

    • Optimizing Conversions

    • Resources And Next Steps

    • Optimizing Conversions Consultation

  • 13

    Next steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

Invest In Revenue Producing Strategies

Leverage the experience of experts, a proven process and accountability to take away a complete built with you revenue generating marketing strategy.